Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prince Charming

My sleep habits are still cooky. Yesterday I didn't sleep at all through the night and took about 3 naps during the day. This makes for a very exhausted cranky wife. I feel so grateful to have the husband that i do. He has been great putting up with me and not getting angry with my whinyness.

Last night he asked if I wanted to take a ride. We drove around and looked at landscaping ideas for a job he has coming up. Then he took me a few towns over to show me the building that he does the grounds at for work. We just drove around and talked a while then ended up a few towns over in a very small town and he took me to a little diner. I'll admit we have done quite a bit of dinner out these past few days, but like he said our trips to restaurants are getting ready to be very few and far between. It was just a really good night and really brought my spirits up. I am so thankful for him being my husband and the daddy to my little girl. I couldn't have gotten a better deal.

He truly is my Prince Charming :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

And She's Back...

This past week and a half have been a complete blur to me. I have literally been a walking zombie. I have always heard the last month of pregnancy is the worst but I never really expected it to be true. Here are my biggest complaints about this month thus far:

1) I DO NOT SLEEP! It is getting ridiculous. I will doze off for maybe a half an hour top then I'm right back up. A couple night i counted how many times I got out of bed and ended up with a grand total of... 13! Geez...

2) Since I have no sleep my mind is a bit of a fog. This is something my husband loves to tease me about. I forget everything. Last night while making lasagna, I left the burners on and when I took the lasagna out of the oven I laid the GLASS pan on the stove to cool. By the grace of God it did not bust but it did burn the bottom of the lasagna. Lovely. And don't even ask me to do simple addition. My husband gets quite a kick out of asking me simple math problems that he needs "help" with.

3) My joints are about to break. I have no idea why my knees hurt so bad, but they are killing me.

Now don't get me wrong I do really Love being pregnant and having the princess all to my self. I will miss having her with me 24/7. I'm bad at sharing and pretty soon I will have to share her with the world. This sort of breaks my heart, but I am so beyond ready to have her in my arms.

I had my shower on Saturday and it went really well. I was so overwhelmed with all the gifts. My little girl is loved by many.  My mother in law really went all out with the shower and it was great.

She made 6 of these cute diaper cakes for the center pieces.She did a really good job.

These are a couple of the tables decorated.

This is before all the guest arrived. There were probably 20 more people that came... Overwhelming!

My little princess got a lot of goodies. I love everything. All the gifts were piled in our living room for 2 days because it exhausted me just looking at it. Luckily I finally got the energy to get it put away.

Hopefully this funk is over and my blogs will be more regular after today :) I am feeling much better today for some reason so lets pray it stays this way!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tide Stain release

I am OBSESSED with freebie sites! It seriously is becoming an addiction. My husband laughs at all the crazy stuff we get in the mail day after day. Most of the time it is just tiny samples of useless products, but I'm a child at heart and secretly just LOVE getting mail. (except all the bills that keep coming)

When I requested a sample of Tide stain release capsules, I was just expecting to get maybe one capsule to try. Much to my surprise tide sent me a whole package of them.

Now this is the kind of thing that makes my day.

I have been trying to find something that I can just put in the washer with a load of clothes that will get stains out without having to actually having to apply something directly to the stain, because let's face it I'm just lazy like that.

My husband likes to wear Polo's to church, but for some reason all of the ones he has get grease like stains on them. I have absolutely no idea what it actually is but they are always there. I made sure to throw a polo in the first load I used these on and let me tell you my mind was BLOWN. (ya ya I get excited easy) The stains disappeared. The best part of it all?! I didn't have to do anything but throw in a tablet. These bad boys work wonders. I can not wait to try them on all the baby stains I am about to acquire.

I definitely would recommend these to anyone who is lazy like me and doesn't like to scrub, or apply products directly to stains. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Let me formally introduce you to the devil that lives in my house.

This is Hank, A.K.A the devil, Lucifer, Houdini

This dog does not believe he is a dog, he likes to think he is human. He outsmarts us time after time. We have a love/ hate relationship.

He has caused us to put a fence up around our air conditioner, around our garden, and put random boards around the fence to stop him from crawling under. He has chewed half of the chain link fence while barking at his nemesis the poodle next door.

Recently his behavior has seemed to be changing for the better. We were able to leave him unchained and come home and him still be in the back yard.... that was until last night.

I opened the back door to let him in and couldn't find him. He finally came out from behind the neighbors shed. My husband went to get him and the devil decided he was going to play cat and mouse. So my husband was chasing him around the neighbors back yard and almost had him caught when we discovered the real way this devil had been escaping. Just as my husband was closing in on him he leaped over the fence into the next neighbors backyard. I couldn't help but laugh while my husband was fuming.

This dog definitely keeps us on our toes. I have been told that the "puppy" stage ends at age 2. Well we have 8 more months of this torture if that is true!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Prepared

The closer I get to my due date the more excited/ freaked out I'm becoming. I can not wait to have the Princess in my arms, but yet I'm petrified I won't have everything I need. My baby shower is in 2 weeks and I have this fear that there is going to be so much more to get. As of now I have become OCD with making list of must haves (or things I think I must have and my husband thinks I'm a crazy person )

Yesterday we decided to venture out and just spend a day together since we know our days alone are limited. We set out to babies R Us, which is roughly 35 mins from where we live. Our goal: find a coming home outfit.

Who set the Tom Tom you ask? Why me of course. I was sure I knew what I was doing. When we ended up 45 minutes away I looked at the Tom Tom and had to tell the wonderful husband I set the thing to the wrong town. :) So we decided to stop at Sonic and then reset the Tom Tom and head on another 30 minute drive.

I was able to get the baskets I had been looking for around here forever for the top of her dresser.

I LOVE them! Until I brought them home I was unaware how many socks the Princess already had. She has enough to sock a baby army. Once again her wardrobe is totally trumping her mommy and daddy's.

We failed at finding a coming home outfit because the husband is super picky when it comes to this outfit. It is so cute seeing him care so much. I did find the cutest 0-3 month jeans at OldNAvy and could NOT resist. There were many other things I would have brought home with me if it wasn't for the constant reminder from my husband that the shower is right around the corner

We had a great time together, finishing it off with Olive Garden.

And here are a few pictures of some of the things we have set up in her room already.

Her Crib all ready for her.

Her stroller and car seat from Great Grandma Sue and Grandma Renee.

And her rocker from Great Grandma Jo. She is still in the process of having cushions made for it. I cant wait to see how they turn out!

Things are all coming together. Slowly but surely everything is finding it's place and just waiting on the Princess to arrive to use it all :)